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The Perfection Of Imperfection

Most people have their eyes on some sort of prize.  To look like the guy on the cover of Men’s Health magazine, to be able to bench press 225 ten times, to climb Mt Everest, to sell the company for $10 Million in the next five years.


Every one of these goals obviously comes along with a ton of time, work and dedication.  And if you’re anything like me, you wanted it to happen yesterday.  Intellectually you know it takes learning how and a lot of practice, but in your heart you just want it already.


Another thing that happens if you’re anything like me, is that in practicing, it doesn’t always turn out perfectly.  We make mistakes.  We fail.  We had a perfect plan for how we wanted it to be and it didn’t turn out that way.


WTF!?  We took the time to do the research, make a plan, take action against the plan, and it still didn’t work!?  Is there something wrong with me?  Am I not good enough?  Is it not meant to be?  


This line of thinking is totally normal.  When we don’t get what we want, it stings.  That sting is the feeling of our survival emotions being triggered.  Our fears, concerns, and feelings of frustration, anger, shame, anxiety, guilt, etc. are driven up and it hurts.


What’s The Meaning Of This!?


I believe we’re all here for a reason.  To learn something, to be something, to give something.  From experience I’ve learned that fulfillment is to be found in the journey, not the destination.  


If we wait for arriving at the destination to be happy, we’re going to be waiting a long time.  And, again, if you’re anything like me, you’re just going to choose another destination once you’ve arrived anyway.  Life is a constant game of setting the bar higher for people like us.


So, what do we say from here?  We could continue the vicious cycle of setting a goal, working towards accomplishing it, making mistakes, beating ourselves up for those mistakes and whether or not we crushed the goal good enough, fast enough, etc., then raise the bar higher and start all over again.  Or….


We could surrender to the natural process of falling in love with the perfection of imperfection.  Natural process?  Yes.  It’s completely 100% natural and you already know it.


How so?  Glad you asked.  Have you ever loved another person?  A friend, child, family member or significant other?  


Then you know exactly what I’m talking about.  There’s always something in that person we don’t like.  Some kind of imperfection.  Yet we love them anyway.  


We learned to see them as perfect even though they’re imperfect.  Oh, and they love you too, and you know very well that you’re not perfect.


So why do we set a new goal and expect it to go exactly as planned?  That’s crazy talk.  It’s actually not weird that we do this though.  We’ve been conditioned to go for perfection (think fairytale heroes) and made wrong for being imperfect countless times as we were growing up (think parents, teachers, religion).


OK, What Now?


Consider that we’re all writing our stories in every moment of every day.  The fairytale heroes weren’t heroes because they were born with a silver spoon in their mouths.  They were heroes because they went through a ton of hardship on their journey and either won in the end, or failed masterfully.


Consider you’re on your own hero’s journey and you get to write the script.  Remember that each of your favorite heroes went through some kind of unreasonable hardship before they were called a hero.  Luke Skywalker, Batman, Wesley from the Princess Bride.  All of them.


If you take a close look at what the hero went through you’ll see they all learned from each mistake, each hardship.  What did they learn?  They learned how to win.  It may not have looked good.  In fact, it may have looked like they were going to lose at times.  


With each stumbling block they learned how to rework the plan.  With each setback they learned how to get further on the next push.  With each loss they learned how to fight harder next time.  With each failure they learned how to win.


I just used a whole lot of words to say, “get over it”.  You’re going to fail.  It’s not going to look exactly how you think.  You’re beating yourself up for no reason.  Stop it.  


Stop it because you’re missing out on the lessons your journey has to offer.  Stop it because you’re missing out on an amazing experience of life while you’re waiting to arrive at the destination.  Stop it because other people are watching you and they deserve to have an amazing journey too.


I’ll leave you with my all time favorite quote.  It’s by Teddy Roosvelt:


It is not the critic who counts

Not the man who points out

How the strong man stumbles

Or where the doer of deeds could have done them better

The credit belongs to the man

Who is actually in the arena

Whose face is marred

By dust and sweat and blood

Who strives valiantly

Who errs, who comes short again and again

Because there is no effort

Without error and shortcoming

But who does actually strive to do the deeds

Who knows great enthusiasms

The great devotions

Who spends himself in a worthy cause

Who at the best knows in the end

The triumph of high achievement

And who at the worst, if he fails

At least fails while daring greatly

So that his place shall never be

With those cold and timid souls

Who neither know victory nor defeat

Acquired Greatness - A Lesson From Michael Jordan

There are two types of people in the world.  Those who are satisfied with the status quo, and those who consistently aspire to improve.  Neither is right or wrong.  It just is.  


Some might say the latter should be grateful for who they are and what they have.  The reality is that most of them are.  They simply want to reach higher levels of accomplishment for the fun of it.  For the love of the game.  


Most of the people aspiring to improve do so in one, or a couple areas of their lives.  Then there‘s a smaller pool of people seeking excellence in all aspects of life.  


I’m saying all of these things to distinguish a particular way of being in people that leads to high levels of accomplishment.  Not to alienate or look down on people who are satisfied with average levels of accomplishment.  


Like I said, neither is right or wrong.  It’s important to know who you are and own it 100%.


These people who play the game of excellence in one or multiple areas of life have learned how to tap into their greatness.  If you know me at all you know I believe every person has greatness within.  Every single person.


We all have it.  Only some of us ever access it.  A smaller percentage of us learn how to access it at will.  An even smaller percentage learn how to maximize it.


With that being said, I invite you to ask yourself right now if you have any desire to access your greatness.  Listen closely to your own desires.  The answer is in there.


Does your gut tell you there’s something more out there for you?  Something bigger?  Something that seems impossible, but for some reason it’s calling you?  Or are you good where you are?  Either is fine.


If there’s any inkling of your being calling you toward excellence in any area of your life, I implore you to read on and go for it with all you’ve got.  You have what it takes already.  


You have greatness within you.  What’s next for you is all about learning how to access and maximize it.  That’s how greatness is acquired.  


NOTE: better buckle up because it’s a bumpy ride.


Greatness is Not for the Faint of Heart


Everyone loves an overnight success.  It’s too bad they actually don’t exist.  That’s right.  There’s no such thing as an overnight success.  


Every noteworthy successful person went through the gauntlet in order to get there.  And I assert they’re still going through it right now.  They’re willingly and purposely putting themselves against the odds on a daily basis.


They set goals and they accomplish them.  Then they immediately set a new goal.  That’s who they are.  It’s not about the destination.  It’s about being a person who’s committed to excellence.  


It’s not about winning a game.  It’s about winning the game.  The ultimate game.  The game of life.  And it’s not just about winning the game.  It’s about crushing it...and then coming back for more.


If you ever watched Michael Jordan win a championship game, you may have noticed him throw his hand up with the number of championship wins he’d accumulated plus one.  The plus one was for next year’s championship game.  


I've missed more than 9,000 shots in my career. I've lost almost 300 games. 26 times, I've been trusted to take the game winning shot and missed. I've failed over and over and over again in my life. And that is why I succeed. -Michael Jordan


Jordan learned how to access his greatness at will and maximize it.  This is it.  This is what greatness personified looks like.  


You may be thinking you’re not Michael Jordan so this is impossible for you.  Only if you say so.  Consider the following.


You have to be willing to miss more shots than anyone else.  You have to be willing to lose more games than anyone else.  You have to be willing to miss the game winning shot more than anyone else.


You need to be willing to lose in order to win.  You need to be willing to be heartbroken in order to have what you love.  You need to be willing to be weak in order to be strong.


All of this sounds like you need to be willing to die in order to live.  Maybe.  Would you still choose greatness?  I know some people who would.  You do too.  


This is what it looks like to acquire greatness.  Not some phenomenon out North Carolina.  Jordan may have been very talented, but his greatness was maximized by his willingness to be and do whatever it takes.  I assure you.


Michael Jordan’s Secret Sauce


Ready?  Here’s the secret to acquiring greatness.  Practice.  Anticlimactic, I know.


Anyone who wants to become great at anything just needs to practice.  But it’s a certain kind of practice.  


It’s rigorous, hard, consistent, and it’s expensive in more ways than one.  You’ll certainly have to spend a considerable amount of time, energy, and money.


This kind of practice takes a strong mind, body, and desire to win.  And rest assured greatness in each of these areas can be acquired too.  


If you think you’re not good at something, you can get better with practice.  Or you can get better at finding and inspiring someone else to do things you’re not good at for you.  Whatever it takes to acquire greatness.


This kind of practice can be scary.  A lot of people start and then quit.  But some people have found a way to keep going regardless of how much it hurts or what they stand to lose.


You can find a way too, guaranteed.  Because everyone has greatness within.  Everyone.  Go be great.  The world needs more greatness.


Many Are Called, Few Are Chosen. Are You One of the Few?

The title of this post sounds kind of esoteric, I know.  It’s not meant to be.  It’s quite literally true in my opinion.  This isn’t necessarily about a divine calling, although it could be.  It’s also about a very natural, tangible process.


How so?  All we need to do is look at a few examples given to us by one of, if not our best teachers; Nature.  And there are plenty to choose from.


You don’t have to be a farmer to know that many seeds need to be sown in order to reap a few sprouts.  All we need to do is look around us.  


We see tons of seeds laying around us in nature.  Some of them will transform into beautiful foliage, some will be food for people or other animals, and some will become compost.


How about the sales process?  You know, the process of providing the lifeblood of any business.  Obviously we have to talk to many people to book a few presentations, and then out of those appointments we acquire a few customers.


I assert it’s the same process that occurs with people and our work.  I believe all of us are born with all the stuff we need to create exactly the life, inside and outside of work, we want.  


I believe all of us are called, but few are chosen to actually live that life.  I get that this is where it gets tricky and that you don’t necessarily believe the same thing.  That’s okay.  Perhaps this is just food for thought.


We’re all born with a unique flavor of power that is always accessible.  We all have greatness within.  All you have to do is remember back when you were a kid when you believed it was okay to daydream.  Or maybe you had no thought of whether or not it was okay, you just did it.


You wanted to be a fireman, play sports professionally, be a doctor, an entrepreneur, or end world hunger.  You thought little of how you would do it.  There was simply something in you tugging at you to follow this path.


This ability to dream is our power.  We have this ability to see a vision and create all the moving parts associated with it in our mind.  We also have the power to act on any vision we can see with our mind’s eye.


While growing up something happened to all of us.  We learned from our environment how to protect ourselves.  We were confronted by parents, teachers, friends, other authoritative figures, and the media.  


During this process most people learned to follow something other than their dreams.  They either learned to go the practical route, or they gave up all together and learned to do whatever they needed to do to survive.


Notice I said most people.  At one point we were all called to follow our heart’s desires.  Sad, but true.  I think the important thing to consider is that this can change for anyone at any time.  More on that further along in this post.


What It Means To Be Chosen


This begs the question, “How do I know if I’ve been chosen?”.  Good question.   It’s more of a feeling than anything else.  


Look, just because you wanted to be a pro athlete when you were a kid and now you do something else doesn’t necessarily mean you haven’t been chosen.  You may be doing something completely different now, but your gut tells you this is it.  This is right.


You feel happy and excited when it’s time to get out of bed and get ready for work.  You figuratively jump for joy when thinking about your work or what you, and others, get out of it.  


You have a calling, not a job.  You’re led by passion, commitment and perseverance.  Meaning even if there are aspects of your work that you’d rather not do sometimes, you still do it because there’s something bigger and better you get out of completing the task.


Anything else just doesn’t feel right.  You might make more money somewhere else.  You might work less hours somewhere else.  You might have better benefits somewhere else.  Doesn’t matter.  You do what you do because it’s your calling.  


What if you’re at a job you don’t like and you feel like you’re destined to be doing something else?  That means you’re being called, but right now, you haven’t been chosen.


You have a huge opportunity right now to choose something different.  Herein lies the answer to another great question.  Who does the choosing anyway?  You do.  I do.  We all do.  


Most of the time, if anyone else chose for us, we haven’t been chosen, oddly enough.  Being chosen is an inside job.  It’s not like being picked for the team.  We’ve been chosen because we said so.  Because we did the choosing.


This is a blessing and a curse.  It means we’re responsible for where we are now and also for making a change.  We get to choose at any time.


I invite you to choose now.  I know it’s scary.  I know it’s hard.  I know other people will probably call you crazy.  I invite you to do it anyway because power comes from choosing, not from waiting to see what happens.


What To Do Once You Know You’re One Of The Few


You’ve realized you’re one of the few.  Now what?  That depends on several factors personal to you that I wouldn’t pretend to know.  


There are a few things to do, however, that reign true across the board.  They are as follows.


If you’ve taken a look at how you feel about your life and work and have deemed yourself one of the few, take a moment and pat yourself on the back.  And now, keep going.  Regardless of the pain and struggle you feel at times, keep going.


If you’re one who’s identified you’re in a job, not a calling, and you want to create something different for yourself, great.  Begin now.  And begin at all costs.


Yes.  I’m asking you to be scared, and do it anyway.  I’m asking you to not know how, and do it anyway.  I’m asking you to have the odds stacked against you, and do it anyway.  Because I believe you deserve to know what it feels like to be one of the few who lives a purpose filled life.


Whether you’re one of the few and you know it, or you’re in the process of choosing this new path for yourself, you need to keep going at all costs.  You need to never stop.  


Life throws an incalculable number of curve balls regardless of whether or not you’ve been chosen.  I’m pretty sure most people would agree.  


So, why not build up your perseverance muscles and forge the path of the few?  It’s just like exercising any other muscle.  Keep going and the muscle will get stronger.  Slow down or stop completely and the muscle will get weaker.


This path is obviously not for everyone.  Hence the word few.  I’d love to know your thoughts.  Leave a comment or reach out anytime.  


The Buck Stops Here

Leadership is both an amazing gift and an unreasonable responsibility at the same time.  The reason is because the buck stops with the leader.  They’re the highest level person to turn to when there’s a problem, complaint, loss or victory.


I’m talking about a certain kind of leadership.  It’s rare.  It’s ridiculous.  It’s totally unfair.  It’s completely unreasonable.  


This kind of leadership is only found in people who make a bold choice to be a certain way.  Sometimes this choice is made consciously, sometimes it’s a subconscious choice.  Either way it takes a thick skin, a lot of patience, forgiveness and compassion.


These leaders relate to themselves as The One.  That means they’re the example to follow.  They’re the model of who their followers want to become.  And they do their absolute best to be the one they’d like to follow themselves.


This means the leader is expected to show up this way every day.  Again, completely unreasonable and totally unfair.


But what if I feel sick?  Sorry, my job is to show up anyway.  But what if I have a deadline and my team and I are way behind?  Sorry, my job is to show up anyway.  But what if everything around me in my life seems like it’s falling to pieces?  Sorry, my job is to show up anyway.


This doesn’t mean leaders aren’t allowed to be human.  It just means leaders aren’t allowed to let their humanity be an excuse to not perform.  It means leaders must show up for their teams as an example of excellence regardless of the circumstances that surround them.


If you’re a leader, and you’ve done what it takes to be self-aware, you’ll notice that what you do, your team will do times a thousand.  Consider for a moment what that means.


If you show up with a negative attitude, they will too.  Times a thousand.  If you show up being self-righteous, they will too.  Times a thousand.  If you show up blaming circumstances and other people for your results, they will too.  Times a thousand.


Think about what you want to see in your teammates and commit to being that way 100% of the time.  100% of the time?  Will you ever reach that level?  


Probably not.  This is a completely unreasonable challenge.  And, if you lower the bar, so will your team.  Times a thousand.  I’ve seen it time and time again.  If leaders think this doesn’t apply to them, they’re sadly mistaken and it shows.


If you want to create a culture of winning on your team, I encourage you to consider taking on the challenge.  I promise your team will be happier and more engaged, you’ll see more favorable results, and life in general will be all around better for you.

Extreme Ownership

There are many traits these rare leaders have.  I want to highlight this one because it goes along with my theme of unreasonableness.


One of the best sources whereby I learned about this concept is the book by Jocko Willink and Leif Babin called: Extreme Ownership.  I recommend this book to most of my clients.  It gave me a serious smack in the face and inspired me around the importance of leaders taking ownership.


Willink and Babin are retired Navy Seals turned leadership coaches and consultants to med-large size corporations.  They served together in the Middle East after 9/11.  This is where they learned about the importance of Extreme Ownership.  


If you guys ever read this, thank you from the bottom of my heart for your service.  And thank you even more for helping me learn this invaluable lesson about leadership.  My life, my family, my clients, and my teams are all the beneficiaries of your work.


Imagine the turmoil these men were surrounded by.  Their daily circumstances were actually trying to kill them.  Ruthless enemy soldiers with bombs, machine guns, and a death wish.  They had to trust their teammates with their lives.  


When it came down to it, these men related to themselves as the owner of it all.  Whatever happened, there was never anyone else to blame.  It was always on them.  No matter what.


Yup, even when it was clearly someone else’s fault.  It didn’t matter if another soldier didn’t do their job.  It didn’t matter if there was a miscommunication.  It didn’t matter if the higher-ups made an unreasonable request.  


These guys learned to take responsibility for everything, all the time, no matter what.  Like they owned the joint.  Because that’s what elite leaders do.  


What they found was that their teammates began to follow suit.  Because, you know, teammates will do what their leaders do times a thousand.  The good, the bad, and the ugly.  So we might as well give them habits to follow that work vs the other way around.


What would your team look like if everyone took 100% ownership regardless of circumstances?  What would your team’s results look like?  What would the energy of the team be like?


Do you think you’ll get more accomplished?  Do you think people will be happier and more engaged?  Do you think this concept would make life, outside of the work you do, different in a positive way?


Don’t take my word for it.  Go do some research.  Better yet, go practice this and see what happens for yourself.  I promise you’ll be pleasantly surprised.

Startup of 1

But what if I don’t have a team?  What if I’m all by myself?  Does any of this apply to me?


If you’re still reading at this point, it definitely does.  You’re here for one of two reasons.  Either because you aspire to build and lead a team in the near future or because you’re an army-of-one by choice and recognize the need for leadership development for what you’re up to in work and in life.  


There’s an old saying I’ve heard many times that’s contributed to who I am today.  I have no idea where I heard it so I apologize for my lack of citation to whoever made it up.  “Leader of one, leader of many.  If you can’t lead one, you can’t lead any.”


Who’s the one?  You are.  I am.  We all are.  Leadership has nothing to do with how big your team is or even if you have a team at all.  It’s a way of being.  A way of life.  You either choose to practice it or you don’t.


Another one of my favorite books is called The Obstacle Is The Way by Ryan Holiday.  He likens this concept to a Startup Of One.  I think that paints a pretty clear picture of what this means.   


We who choose this way of being to practice are choosing to be responsible for everything.  Every moving part of a project, business, cause, family, friendship, or conversation.  All of it.  Like we own it.  Because we do.


A person drawn to this kind of lifestyle wouldn’t want anyone else to own their life.  And that’s exactly what we’re doing when we blame anyone or anything else for our experience.  We’re giving them the power over us.  We’ve become their slave.


The beautiful thing about all of this is that you get to choose.  If you’re ready to free yourself from the bonds of slavery.  If you’re ready to relate to yourself as the owner of your experience.  All you have to do is take 100% responsibility.


Simple, but I would never try to convince you that it’s easy.  You’ll make mistakes and you’ll probably feel bad about it.  Are you going to let that stop you?  You’ll see.


I recommend you treat it the same way you would a marathon.  One step at a time.  Get curious about what this all means for you, your team, your projects and your life.  Ask yourself where you would go to find some answers.  Then go there and keep going back.  You’ll get the hang of it.  


For me this is a lifelong journey.  I’d never ask you to do something I’m unwilling to do.  And, as you can probably tell, I love talking about this stuff.  So any time from now until forever please feel free to reach out.


Congratulations on your choice.  Whichever choice you made.  For choosing is what leaders do.  Blaming is what victims do.  


For Solopreneurs: Drastically Increase Your Productivity In 3 Easy Steps

Many of my clients are solopreneurs.  In fact, so am I.  They’re my peeps for sure.  This one goes out to you.  To us.  The few.  The Proud.  The Machines.  


How do you know if you’re a solopreneur?  Well, according to Google here is our definition:


The solopreneur is somebody developing their own personal brand. They're creators and inventors. They're not creating a company to hire employees; they don't have access to piles of money; they're just creating a niche for themselves in their own marketplace.


If this definition sounds like you, and you want to learn how to develop self-motivation to be more productive, then you probably want to read this entire article.  On the other hand, if you’re looking for someone or something else to motivate you, then you are going to be looking for a long time.


If you identify with this definition of a solopreneur you already have self-motivation to a degree.  It comes with the territory.  It takes an immense amount of confidence and tolerance for risk to step out there into business for yourself, by yourself.  


At the same time, being a solo business owner necessarily means there is nothing outside of you to be motivated by.  Until you choose something to motivate you.  There’s no boss to be fired by.  You’re the boss.  There are no employees to keep the company afloat for.  You’re the employee.  There are no investors to answer to.  You’re the investor.  


Now, this isn’t a conversation about tools.  There are tons of useful productivity apps out there that can help organize your thoughts and action plans.  Use them.  They work.


The conversation I want you to consider is one about who you are as a person.  A conversation about who you are as a small business owner and how that’s impacting the results you produce.  


Most people think the productivity equation is simple.  More Action = More Results.  Sometimes that’s true.  Most of the time it isn’t.  Consider that it’s probably not true for you as a person whose declared themselves a solopreneur.


You’re already the type of person that’s oriented toward taking action.  You’re already an inventor; you have an idea and then you go make it a reality.  So, why am I not producing the results I want?  I’m glad you asked.


It’s because you probably default to a habit of believing that More Action = More Results and that’s simply not true for you.  You move forward with that mentality and grind yourself to a nub.


You get a bunch of stuff done.  Then you look at the proverbial mountain of other things you want to get done, but haven’t yet.  You feel overwhelmed and burnt out.  You coast for awhile so you can regain some energy.  Then you get inspired by another one of your amazing ideas and the cycle starts all over again.  


Want to interrupt the vicious cycle?  Want to free yourself from this self-imposed trap?  You’re in the right place.  I’m going to share with you 3 easy steps to drastically improve your productivity without having to add much of anything else to your list of things to do.  


Choose What For


Why are you doing this business?  If it’s just for the money, that might not be powerful enough to pull you forward when you want to take your foot off the gas.  


Now look, I’m not one of those guys who’s going to preach at you about why making a lot of money shouldn’t be your ultimate goal.  Go make a lot of money.  I certainly want to make a lot of money.  


The thing I want you to consider is what do you want the money for?  Is it to leave a legacy for your kids?  Is it so you can fulfill on your philanthropic goals?  Is it so you can travel the world and knock everything off your bucket list?  These are things that I assert will pull you forward when you want to stop.


Maybe it has nothing to do with money.  Perhaps you want to crush it in your business just because you said you would.  You might be doing it to make an impact on the world that’ll live on after you’re gone.  


The reason why doesn’t matter.  What matters is that you have a reason why.  Not to motivate yourself to do so much you grind yourself to a nub.  To motivate you to do some of the things that you don’t feel like doing.


This happens to all of us.  It’s a normal part of the human experience.  We, as small business owners, tend to love what we do for a living.  And, there are some tasks associated with our work that we don’t love so much and we put them off.  


This habit drains energy because this thing we’re putting off gets heaped on top of the list of undone things to do.  And when that mountain gets high enough, we feel overwhelmed and crash.    


Imagine a solopreneur, let’s call him George, who sells a B2B service and one of the key activities he’s chosen to get clients is cold calling.  George chose cold calling because it works, not because he loves doing it.  


Every time George went to pick up the phone, he dreaded it.  When he was feeling inspired and energetic he did well and set sales presentations.  When he was feeling tired or pressured, he skipped his call session and did something else.  This is obviously a problem.


George turned everything around when, before making cold calls, he envisioned the smile on his son’s face holding his college diploma.  George’s why is to send his son to whatever college he chooses with the profits from his business.  


Choose Where You Take Action From


If you’re anything like me, your fellow solopreneur, you’re capable of taking massive action against your goals and dreams.  That’s part of what makes us awesome :)


At the same time, this can get us into a lot of trouble.  We can waste a ridiculous amount of resources by being this way sometimes.  Resources such as our precious time, money, energy, and other people.


We can occur like a bull in a china shop if we get into massive action without first choosing where we’re taking that action from.  Let me illustrate what I mean.


Before George created his what for, sometimes he’d muster up enough will-power to muscle through the cold calls even though he related to the task as a drag.  He knew this was how he generated business, but he absolutely hated it.  He felt obligated to just get it done because he had to in order to get clients.


The people on the other end of the phone could smell the fear and disgust emanating from George’s every word.  It’s no wonder those call sessions didn’t produce optimal results.  He knew something had to change.


George decided to relate to his call sessions as a game.  He began to choose to make it fun.  He chose to fall in love with cold calling.  And the moment he started to practice choosing to take the action from this new place, he saw a drastic increase in results while actually enjoying the process.


Sound impossible?  Think you don’t know how to do this?  Think of someone you love.  Maybe it’s a spouse, child, friend, or maybe a pet.  Haven’t they been unlovable at times?  Haven’t you ever been like, “I really don’t like you right now.”  And then you’re like, “But I love you anyway!”  


Choosing to take action from love, fun, joy, adventure vs from hate, a drag, obligation is the same phenomenon.  You simply choose that you “get to” vs that you “have to”.  This frees up useful energy and produces more favorable results every single time.




Do you see that word and roll your eyes?  Ok good.  Then I’m not the only one.  Most of us solopreneurs think we don’t need structure and accountability.  And we don’t like it.  In fact, not having to answer to anyone is the reason a lot of us chose to be in business for ourselves.


I assure you that those of us who skip over the use of a good accountability structure are missing out on one of the most impactful productivity tools in existence.  So, if you want to throw gasoline on the fire I suggest you take this on.


All you need to do is choose someone that cares about your success and share your goals with them.  My recommendation is that you do this on a weekly basis.  


You’ll need to make sure they’re on board first.  Then simply set it up in a way you think would work for you.  


Some possible ways it could work may be a weekly phone call, text or email stating what you set out to do and what you actually accomplished.  Or maybe you go big and let everyone on your social media know what you’re up to.  


The key is that you set it up however it would work for you.  Do you need to establish consequences for yourself?  Do you need the person to simply hear you out and say “ok”?  Or do you want to request their feedback?


Any way you set it up is fine.  The important thing is that you make a habit out of it.  This is putting human nature to work for you.  Oddly enough, we will do what we say more often when someone who cares about us has heard our declarations.  


Choose one or two of these productivity hacks or implement all three to drastically increase your results.  Drop me a line to let me know how it’s going.  I’d love to hear from you!


Most People's Misconception About Coaching

I wanted to share with people why I coach.  Most people have bought into a commonly believed myth about coaching.  It's not their fault.  There are tons of coaches out there that get hired based on attraction to their personality.

People think they need to follow someone who's done EXACTLY what they want to do.  This person's made millions and millions of dollars and spends  3 months out of the year on a must be able to help me.  

Listen, I've had a ton of success.  But my claim to fame is that I've failed way more times than I've succeeded.  As a matter of fact all the champions out there that you can think of right now are the same way.  Ask Michael Jordan.  He'll tell you he's missed a thousand shots for every game-winning shot he's taken.  That's why his team always trusted him with the game-winning shot.

Watch the video below and learn a bit about my story.  There's even more here on other pages of my site.  It's ugly.  That's why it's here.  Because I'm about telling people the truth about who I am and where I come from.  I'm about being an example of a truly successful person.  One who's willing to tell people everything.  Not just talk about the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow.  Pun intended.  You'll see what I mean if you watch the video.