These words are the highest expression of who I am in the world.  I am a champion for myself, my family and my clients. My life is a mission to discover and implement effective ways to tap into the extraordinary power that exists inside myself and the people I meet.  

My story doesn’t sound like most

...And I won’t bore you with the details. Instead, I’m going to offer you snapshots of my successes and falling-­on-­my-­ass-­moments that got me to where I am today.  


Let’s start with one of my biggest successes... 

I married my wife, Tara, three months after our high school graduation.  She’s my best friend and my business partner and the mother of our three amazing and brilliant children: Josh, Rachel, and Michael. They are our proudest creations. 

After high school, Tara and I decided not to attend college and, instead, studied spirituality, business and leadership on our own, with friends, and with new people we met.  We read books and constantly sought out mentors and coaches. We aimed to learn from people smarter than us to uplevel our training and development.  We were determined to start our own business and do whatever it takes to crush it.


A plan was born...

The idea was for me to go to work and learn the flooring trade while we worked on bringing some of our business ideas to life with a group of our friends.  It was a constant challenge of making money to pay the bills and support the family while building something bigger for the future.  We progressed and started a small tile and marble installation company.


The day they turned off my electricity...

After a couple years it became apparent that we couldn’t afford to pay for everything we needed and have working capital to get our other ideas off the ground.  On a cold day in December our power was turned off by the electric company.  We were all at home in the dark.  I turned around and looked at my eighteen­-month-­old firstborn in his bouncy chair and my pregnant wife and vowed that this would never happen again.


The beginning of an unexpected business

I was desperate and needed something to happen fast.  I made a few calls and before I knew it I was building a lucrative business...selling weed. Yeah, you read that right, weed. Problem was, at the time weed wasn’t the government ­regulated enterprising industry it’s now shaping up to be. It was illegal...very illegal.

You may be able to guess what happened next. Right. One of those falling­-on­-my­-ass-moments.  

I got arrested and my empire came tumbling down.  I did some time in jail and went $70k in the hole afterwards trying to get back on my feet and build a new business for myself...legitimately this time.


The turning point

As the man of my house and the self­ appointed one responsible for the well being of my family I was devastated.  We lost our house and moved into my mom’s house.  We went into all that debt paying for bills, groceries, and investing in different businesses to try to make money. 

It was at that time I decided my life was going to be significant. 


I decided everything I do in life and in business is going to make a difference for myself and the world around me.  

Over the next four years we joined several different network marketing companies and I worked two different sales jobs.  We were committed to get back to where we left off making a multiple six figure income by being in business for ourselves.  We sold everything from flooring to cabinet refacing to vitamins to coffee to gold and diamonds.  Most importantly we immersed ourselves in our own personal development. 

At the beginning of the fifth year we started our own company that does fundraising for schools and local charitable organizations. Going through all of these experiences taught me what it takes to be successful regardless of extremely challenging circumstances.  

I found that two of my biggest commitments contributed the most to me being on the path I’m on. First to being a great man, husband and father.  Second to crush it as a business owner.  

These commitments led me to a rich education in leadership, sales and business process and implementing everything I learned as I went.  


Why I started coaching

A pivotal point in my educational journey came when I realized my passion for building and leading thriving successful teams in business.  I joined one of the most rigorous coaching and leadership training programs in the world accredited by the International Coach Federation (ICF).  What I got from the program helped me transform my life and the way we did business.  

When I saw the power of what coaching provided for me, my colleagues, and our businesses, I knew I had found my calling.  Our company was producing well enough for me to take a step back to a support role and I launched my coaching business.  I’ve been full time ever since.  

My philosophy is that there's greatness and extraordinary power inside of every human being. There's where we are now and where we want to go. Everything in between is the noise that distracts us from achieving the goal. I call this the gap.  My job is to partner with you and close that gap once and for all.  You will not only have all you need to reach your goal, you will be well equipped to handle any obstacle that comes your way in the future.