Clara Rodriguez, CEO & Founder of Ananda Total Wellbeing

Before I started working with Mick, I was unhappy in my corporate job and unsure of my current romantic relationship. I was searching for greater joy and satisfaction in my life at work and at home.

Although I was unsure about working with a male coach, I engaged Mick for individualized coaching and worked with him for 6 months. His listening and coaching had me move forward in two areas that I felt stuck. I was able to take action and create some positive changes with confidence and support.

While working with Mick, I created an action plan for building my business and having some difficult conversations with my partner at the time. As a result, I was able to gain greater clarity and direction in my business and move toward ending the relationship.

Working with Mick really allows you to have an accountability partner who provides you with tools and resources to take step-by-step action and move from being stuck to unstuck.  

I would absolutely, recommend working with Mick. He genuinely cares, is committed to making a difference, and empowers his client to accomplish their goals.

I am so grateful for having had the opportunity to work with Mick and for all his support and guidance during a difficult time. 

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